Here’s a bit about me..

Begining her love for food as a child, Ray has poured her heart into her culinary journey for as long as she could remember. From watching her parents in the kitchen, to always wanting to be a chef when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. Cooking and eating is more than a hobby, so thats where Pretty Girls Eat Too began.

Originally, Pretty Girls Eat Too was a food review website. Ray would eat out constantly at different restaurants in different cities and leave yelp reviews, as well as reviews on her blog. But she noticed whenever she posted her cooking, people always wanted to know the recipe and what seasonings were used. Thats when she decided to transform Pretty Girls Eat Too into what it is now.

In 2019, Pretty Girls Eat Too became a recipe hub for tons of dishes and drinks. Local friends and neighbors wanted more, so she decided to add pick up food services to her offerings. Between word of mouth and social media, Pretty Girls Eat Too became very requested as far as take out and catering.

Now, Pretty Girls Eat Too offers culinary consultation services, cooking classes, catering, meal prep, a variety of hand blended organic seasonings, and cookbooks.


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