What is Pretty Girls Eat Too?

     Hi Everyone! This is my first blog post on my site and I just wanted to give you guys a better understanding of what this is and how it came about. Pretty Girls Eat Too, is a lifestyle for me. I like to eat, but I like to look good while doing it. Further more, I want my food to look good! 
    Cooking has been an interest and hobby of mine since before I even hit Pre-K. From learning to cook eggs and potatoes in the microwave, to finally being allowed to use the stove, its all been fun to me. Most, if not all of my childhood friends can tell you stories of me cooking for them at sleepovers and so on. In high school, I even enrolled in a program that was taught by Johnson and Wales. Shortly after I graduated high school, I attended Star Career Academy for Culinary Arts. I learned a lot, and the things I was able to take from that, help me be able to deliver something like Pretty Girls Eat Too, to you!

    This isn't something that's just for "girls" or "women." This is for anyone who enjoys food, and looking good while enjoying food. This is for those who can cook, and those who cant. For those who frequently eat out, and for those who only eat out on occasions. Everyone will be able to take, learn, and enjoy something from this. Whether it be a recipe of something you've never tried before, or exploring your taste buds and creating something of your own! Whatever it is, I hope you all enjoy. Lets get into some FOODIE S**T ! 


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