Favorite NYC Food Markets/Festivals *Reviews Included*

Hello all foodies, its now summertime and everyone is looking for the next food event to go to. Whats better than vendors selling food and booze all outside in the middle of the hot summer day? Very few things, I know. Im going to let you guys in on my favorite markets, as well as my favorite vendors from each one. Hopefully this can help you plan our your next trip to the city for some feasting!

First up we have Madison Square Eats. This one is located in the Flatiron district, right across from the Flatiron building on Worth Square between 25th & 26th St. It usually is set up as a tent that you can see from the street, not like a secret tunnel or anything. As you as you walk in there's food and booze EVERYWHERE, and not in a messy way! I usually head on over to my number one FAVORITE at this market, The Truffleist. They sell Truffle Cheesesteaks, Truffle Fries (with Buratta) and they also sell their truffle oil and truffle honey, amongst other take home truffle goodies. The Truffle Cheesesteak and the Frose always starts me off right where I need to be. The Frose is nice and strong,but still tasty and the Truffle Cheesesteak is just unexplainable, its amazing to say the least. 

After im all Frose`d up, I like to head over to Chickn Cone and get their maple syrup or brown sugar (I cant be sure which one it was) to walk around with until Im ready for my next mini meal. The sweet and cripsy/crunchy is the perfect handheld that you can scarf down FORK FREE. Which is always great, especially if youre like me and have a drink in your hand for most of the festivities lol. Another little handheld gem that I like are the dumplings from Destination Dumplings. I had the jerk chicken and the classic pork and chive dumpling. Both were so good the perfect size for snacking. Theres tons of other vendors that were tasty as well, Lemondade Renegade, one place had crawfish mac and cheese and for the life of me I cannot remember the vendor, and Raclette is always pretty good. Everything there for the most part is tasty and filling. Like I said, you cant go wrong with food and booze mid-day. Unfortunately their market isnt open this summer,but it will return in the fall and yes, I will be there.


Next we have, Smorgasburg. Open every Saturday and Sunday in Brooklyn, this market is equivalent to the picnic of my dreams. Again, theres booze, abut theres also seafood, desert, and food from so many different cultures, it's hard to stop eating even after you feel full! My number one favorite from this market has to be Lupita's. Its a family owned mexican stand that has everything from the best nachos I've ever had, to tacos and flautas. They are so kind here I have to support every time I see them. Even their lemonades are spot on delicious.  Lobsterdamus is another one of mt faves. They serve whole lobster, but my favorite is the lobster garlic noodles. Omg, the roasted garlic and the buttery noodles just go so perfect with the chunks of lobster and its just enough to leave you satisfied. Hands down, my favorite drink was the crandberry limeade from the stand that was right next to Lobsterdamus. Again, something else I cant remember lol. I also tried Mighty Quinn's brisket sandwhich. It was decent, nothing over the top about it. What I love most about this event is that on Saturdays you have such a nice view of the city and the water from the park, its so peaceful once you're done running around trying to find your place on line for your food and drinks. I definitely recommend as a couples date and a friends hang out link. 


I hope my foodie market tell all enlightened you and maybe will encourage you to try some new foods at the events if you've already gone. And if you haven't already experienced this, YOU SHOULD! Happy outings and eating!


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