Chimichurri, how do you like yours?

Chimichurri, oh, chimichurri. Versatile for steaks, salads, sides, empanadas, and more. You can literally throw this stuff on anything! My personal favorite is on a juicy skirt steak with mashed potatoes. Its a pretty basic mixture that's mostly green with a little bit of red, and a whole lot of tasty ! 

A lot of people debate whether to use fresh or dried herbs. I've been told traditionally that dried herbs are used. For me, I'm always looking for an excuse to use fresh herbs so no dried herbs for my chimi. I've also heard that using olive oil isn't traditional. I'm not sure what the traditional oil would be, so feel free to leave a comment and help me out. I would definitely want to try it the "authentic" way.

This tasty stuff allegedly originates in Argentina, and honestly, the best chimichurri sauces I have encountered have been at Argentinian and Brazilian steakhouses. As you can see here i'm chowing down on some house chimi at a Brazilian steakhouse:



Now that you know my love for chimichurri is real, you've got to my my recipe for it ! Id love to see the re-creations and the twist you all put on my recipe. Comment and tell me your favorite way to chow on some chimichurri ! 



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